Mummy and Cat Cookies

You know how there are some things you're just NOT good at, no matter how simple they seem to be? And everyone else in the entire world is some kind of mad skills EXPERT at it. And you keep trying anyway, hoping that if you pretend hard enough that one day you will be able to fool yourself into believing that you might actually be capable of accomplishing said task.

Sewing is like that for me. I can't do it. I shouldn't do it. But sometimes I forget.  I wanted to make a purse for my little girl. I was certain I could make it work out this time. I had all the pieces cut out. (And by that I mean I cut out some rectangle-ish squares of fabric.) And then my little boy said, "Good job Mom, you're almost done. Now you just need to NAIL IT TOGETHER." Clearly, he knows me too well. So I gave up and made cookies instead. BUT, as it turns out, piping cat whiskers is another one of those simple things that I just can't do. Who knew?


We'll start with the cat because I want you to stop staring at those cat whiskers as soon as possible.

This cookie is seriously beyond simple. Ice a square cookie black. (If you are concerned about what black icing will do to the person eating this cookie, make your icing brown with cocoa powder first, and then add black.) Let this dry for an hour or so.

Pipe small green dots for eyes. Then pipe a tiny, tiny dot of black in the middle. Take a toothpick and pull the black dot down and then pull it up to create cat eyes. Pipe a little pink or purple nose and again, I used a toothpick to make it a little pointier. But you could just leave it as a dot, I suppose. You know, as long as that's what makes you happy at the end of the day. I'm not here to judge. But don't do the whiskers like this picture. Because they are super weird and they are waking me up at night.

Do them like the blue lines in this picture. Close together in the middle and STRAIGHT. Much easier, and less likely to give you nightmares about the Chesire Cat coming alive in your kitchen and trying to eat your other cookies.


This guy seemed so complicated until I actually started making it. And then it really wasn't tricky at all. But, seriously, I won't tell anyone if you don't. I mean, I won't tell anyone ELSE. It will be our secret. Just you, me, and the world. No one else needs to know.

Pipe some lines on to a square cookie. Mummies are kind of just wrapped up all sorts of different ways so if your lines aren't exactly like these, that's okay.

Fill in the triangular-ish section with... hmm...I was going to say "flesh colored icing" but -- I mean -- its a mummy. I don't think they have flesh anymore. And now the word "flesh" is kind of grossing me out. So, fill that section in with some light pinkish-peachish colored icing. And then pipe some more white lines in between the other white lines. Let it dry for half an hour while you try to get that word out of your head.

Add some random lines on top of all the other lines. I did the top diagonal line first and let it dry for 10 minutes before adding the bottom diagonal line.

Pipe on some big ol' white dots for the eyes and then some black dots on top of that. I added a mouth with a black food marker because I didn't want to change my tip on the black icing to a #1 tip. But, YOU CAN if you want to. Just don't tell me and try to make me feel all bad inside for being too lazy to change my piping tip. I could probably do without that today.

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