White Seashells

You all know how much I love colors. WHAT?! You didn't know that? That's okay. I'll tell you now. I LOVE COLORS. I love deep, dark, saturated colors. Love them. As in, I would marry them if they were a person and I hadn't already met and fallen in love with my most handsome husband. That being said, I also really, really like these cookies. And they have absolutely no color added.

I have to admit, the lack of color was part of the charm. I mean....I made the icing and put it straight into a bag. ONE bag. One tip. I might never use my icing colors again. (Ha ha ha ha. I'm totally kidding. You couldn't pry those things out of my hands.Not that I walk around town with them or anything. I keep them safe in safe spot where they will be...you know....safe. I'm not taking any chances with those things.)

Anyway...white cookies. Love them. Love the beach. I wish I had a house on the beach like someone else I know. But then, I would probably never make cookies because I would be at the beach. Every single day of my life. Except in winter. And then I would probably only go on alternate Tuesdays. 

P.S. -- Come back tomorrow-ish for some behind the scene pictures and details on making these cookies.

P.P.S. -- Let's all just pretend we can see the beautiful shimmer dust I put on these cookies just for you.

UPDATE -- CLICK HERE for the picture tutorials. 

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