cookie cutter sandwich

Let's wrap things up with this whole "huge giant birthday party that makes my child happy for days and days." I told you about the cookies. I told you about the cake. I have just one more thing to tell you about. Maybe two. But no more than that. I promise. Probably.

I made one more, vaguely cookie/cake related thing for his party. And by "vaguely related" I mean, not at all.  Really, its just an alternative use for cookie cutters.

Is this not the most delicious looking peanut butter and jam sandwich you have ever seen? It probably would be if you were nearly 4 years old. Or apparently the mother of someone who is nearly 4 years old.

I think this is why my child puts up with this cookie/cake thing I do. Because he gets sandwiches in whatever shape he likes. I have to say, its not a bad compromise for either of us.

Oh...and I also made blue ice cubes in my seashell molds. That is all.

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