one cookie - two ways or more

This was NOT the design I had in mind when I started this cookie. The original design included some lines and stitching and...well...the moral of the story is that I need to get some PME tips in the smaller sizes. To avoid complete frustration, a the last second, I just went with a flower instead. Literally -- the last second. I had the white icing all flooded and I had just seconds to find an alternative to put in it before it dried too much for a wet-on-wet design. (Its funny that I love the texture options with fondant, but really prefer a flat royal icing cookie! I don't really make sense to myself either.)

So, clearly this cookie was not as impromptu as its royal icing cousin. (Cookie cousins...hmmm...that sounds nice. Not like siblings, because siblings fight. They're too close. But not my cookies. They can be best friends and then go to their own homes when they get annoyed with their cookie cousin.)

Although these cookies are really similar, I have to say that if I had been true to the nature of fondant, I wouldn't have replicated the first cookie so closely. That disloyalty to fondant etched at my soul for at least 20 minutes. Eventually, I gave in to the inevitable and created a truer fondant version.

Do you see what I love about fondant?   (I just want to say that I am SURE there are incredibly talented royal icing people out there that could get this depth and texture from royal. Its just that...well... I will NEVER be one of them. So I use what I have. And today that was blue fondant and silver luster dust.)

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