The Boot.

A lot of times people will say that they don't want to eat a cake that I've made because they just can't bare to cut it. I will be the first to admit that I couldn't imagine wanting to eat this cake. It looked so much like a dirty old boot that I just couldn't get past the dirty part. I mean, sure, its made of sugar and eggs and sugar and....what? Dirty old boot? No thank-you ma'am.

PS --How do you even go about serving something like that?

"Anyone want some dirty old boot?"
"Guu--uys -- I've got some dirty old boot. Let's eat it!"
"Eat your dirty ol' boot already."
"Seriously, you are NOT getting down from the table until you have finished your dirty old boot."

I guess you could just look at it until it dries up and crumbles into dust. I mean, that's always an option, right? (Ewww. Dirty old boot dust.)

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