The Cherry Blossom Wedding Trend

I know you were probably lying in bed last night wondering what the current wedding trends are. Well, either that or you were wondering if that shadow in the corner was a mouse or a sock. (It was probably a sock.) We can't all be keeping up on wedding trends. Some people have to drive cars around or climb Mount Kilimanjaro or eat candy. We all have our "thing." Let me help you sleep better tonight. A very popular wedding trend right now (was that redundant -- popular trend?) is the cherry blossom wedding theme. I love it.

Did you know that cherry trees are very Asian? It's true. I know that the Washington D.C. area is known for its cherry blossoms in the spring and we have cherry trees everywhere in the U.S. it seems. So, how could they be Asian? Most of the cherry trees in the world are indigenous to Japan. And as it turns out, Japan gave 3,020 Sakura cherry trees to the U.S. in 1912 to show that we were all good friends.

So there you have it. Life's mysteries solved. That thing in the corner is a sock. And hundreds of brides are choosing to celebrate their friendship with Japan at the same time they get married. The modern woman really is a multi-tasker.

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