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Markers + Cookies = Excellent Idea

Guess who just got her first real set of food color markers? It's ME! It's ME!! I picked up a partial set in a clearance bin a few years ago and I've been using those randomly. But NOW everything is different. NOW I have a brand new complete set of food markers that will bring me magic and happiness in every cookie bite.

I'm not exactly what you would call "good" at drawing. But...that's never really stopped me from doing what I want. (Seriously, this is something I just don't understand. I can NOT draw. Sure, I can make a cake that looks exactly like a cowboy boot. But DRAW a boot? No can do.)

This is my favorite cookie. There's a lot of  4 year old love in that cookie, I think. (He also did one with his own name. And then ate it. Before breakfast. Don't tell my husband.)

These cookies were much easier than I thought they would be. I just draw on some stick people and you're done. So I had a lot of left-over "empty" cookies. I just sat there staring at the blank cookies. And then at my markers. And then at the cookies again...and then...I realized -- the possibilities are ENDLESS. I'm going to keep a stack of spare cookies around all the time for those last minute cookie emergencies.

You know, like -- "Sorry I set your pants on fire while you weren't looking."

Or cookies for that person who is going on their one millionth vacation to some exotic island while you stay home working. All day. Every day. For the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Umm...I mean....

This one. This is what I meant.

Or cookies to say -- "Thank you for doing all those awful things that mothers do for their children that no one else will ever do. And for still loving me even when I set fire to my brother's pants while he wasn't looking." **

Yep. I think that sums it up right there.

** This statement is in no way a confession. I'm just saying that mothers love their children no matter what, right? There is no way I'm getting pinned with that after all these years.


Rita said...

You never fail to make me giggle. How awesome would these cookies be if you let a child loose with the food pens, to draw a set of cookies for nanna! So cute!

Lora said...

Hilarious. I definitely want a pants on fire cookie.

Kenni said...

You make me smile! I need a few dozen of those jealousy cookies and maybe a couple of the pants on fire ones too.

Samantha said...

Cute! We did this a few weekends ago with my SIL and BIL and their kiddos. They had a ton of fun. But those markers get all over!
I never set my brothers pants on fire, but I may have thought about it a few times and he would have totally deserved it :)

Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} said...

I couldn't stop looking! Gah! I love the all! The one from your boy...tears! And the daffodils, and the chickies, and the cherry blossoms, and the eggs, and the s'mores eggs, and I just can't step away from your blog!!! LOVE IT!!!! I'm glad you dropped by my cookie monster cookies. Thanks for the blog love! ♥- Katrina

Haniela said...

These are totally awesome. You have so many incredible ideas Girl!!!
Keep them coming.

lizy b said...

I have come to love my food color markers, but not just for cookies....It's amazing what your kids will eat once you've written something silly on it.

Kitty said...

I know!!! Put a hole in the top with a drinking straw and... edible Christmas or Birthday present tags!


Kind regards, Kitty :)

Rhonda S. said...

I'm curious to know what brand your markers are. I've tried the Wilton brand and they just don't seem to work for me. Any suggestions?

dulces tentaciones said...

this is amaizing! great idea!!! sharing this on my page on fb!!