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marathon day

This was a marathon day. And by that I mean, I would rather run a marathon in 3 degree weather than do this day again. I feel like I've been having one sugar creation failure after another this week. Today was quite literally the icing on the cake.

I couldn't get the icing OR the fondant right at all. Let me be clear. I covered it in fondant. And recovered it in fondant. And then I scraped everything off and started again. And then I cried. Real, honest to goodness tears. No, actually, I didn't. But I wanted to. I thought about it. It would have made me feel better. But it wouldn't fix the cake, so I soldiered on.

I think I might just give up on sugar things for now. I'm not going to keep posting things that make me cringe when I think about them at night before I fall asleep. I have decided to quit college and hitch-hike around the country to find myself. Again, I'm lying. (What is wrong with me today? Why would I lie to all my imaginary friends on the internet? ) Actually, I'm only kidding about the  last part. I'm really not going to post anything until I make something that I don't feel like I have to apologize for it. Either that or until I run a marathon. Whichever comes first.


Anonymous said...

Hey I am a real friend lol. Not much imaginary about me! And I think you did a beautiful job! Sometimes it takes for you to take the layers off, and reapply for it to become something perfect. You go girl!

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

I may be an imaginary friend on the internet, but we share the special bond of crying over our cakes. I hate when things go wrong! Cake looks great though! :)

CantStopBaking said...

I think this cake is really cute- and I know exactly what you mean. After every cake I make I promise myself that its the last...

Nisson Family said...

I love the cake! It's really cute. Very unconventional colors for a baby cake, love it! :)


Haniela said...

First let's set something straight, cake looks fantastic. I know the road was difficult, but believe me I've been there, imagine, having to make a cake..put in the fridge only to found it collapsed..not only did I loose the WHOLE cake but my fridge was a total mess, or a cake where I left parchment paper in...shall I continue...??

I'm so sorry the cake made you feel like this, but I think is wonderful.
Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves.
I'm sure everyone is going to love the cake, don't worry.

Btw. Just so you know don't you dare stop posting, I love seeing your creative take on sugar things. Okay Pumpkin?;-)

Anna ♥ Sugarized said...

Cheer up! The cake is gorgeous! :) And I'm not a figment of your imagination -- real person here. ;) hehehe