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grab bag post

When I lived in Georgia, there was a dollar store that sold "grab bags." They were paper bags that were labeled "boy" or "girl" in which the store employees had safely stashed all the toys that no one wanted. I always wanted to buy one (even though I may or may not have been 24 years old.) I would look at them as I passed by and envision myself sneaking over there and secretly opening the staple and LOOKING inside! But then, in my dream, someone would always yell at me and chase me out of the store. So I never did look inside.

My point is that this post is kind of like that. It is a post in which I will safely stash all the pictures of cookies that no one is going to pay money to look at. And by that I mean, the cookies I never really want anyone to look at. Because, actually, I make a lot of those cookies. I have good intentions...but sometimes things just don't work out as well in sugar form as they do in my head.

But in all fairness and honestly...I feel like I should share some of them. You know, just so you don't all have some warped sense of my cookie decorating skills. And I'll be sure to label these posts as grab bags so you don't have to waste your dollar...or...I mean...time if you don't want to. But the added benefit here is that you can look at all these cookies, and laugh and wonder what in the world I was thinking....

Oh that reminds me, one of these cookies was originally supposed to be a base cookie for a different design. But the base icing didn't turn out right. My husband called while I was decorating cookies and I started "doodling" on the cookie. Can anyone guess which cookie that was?


Becca Jo said...

I like the green one and the blue one. But what do I know they are sugar and I want to eat them.

♥ Anna ♥ (Sugarized) said...

What are you talking about, these are PRETTY cookies! =) I love your kinda reminds me of a scrapbooking paper I saw once before. =)

Haniela said...


Shai said...

As a large fan of the color green in general, I will automatically be drawn to that one. It's amazing even if you were doodling.

The blue one is amazing. love it. LOVE IT.

I even like the blue & yellow, though I think if it were blue & green I'd like it more.

It makes me feel good, knowing that a) you think to yourself the things I think to myself when making cookies and b) that one day when I doodle the way you do I might be half as good as you.

Tails said...

These are GORGEOUS! Very Tim Burton-esque for me (the blue and green ones) :) Love them!