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Gingerbread Men

Did you know that the first gingerbread man (as we know them)  was believed to have  been created by the court of Queen Elizabeth I? Apparently, the Queen had gingerbread portraits made for important visitors. If you come to my house, I can pretty much guarantee that I won't be making a gingerbread version of you. Unless, of course, you somehow look like these guys.

Also, in 2006, a town in Texas made the largest gingerbread man ever. It was over 20 feet tall. And then they took the baking sheet and made it into a monument to celebrate. I don't think it was a matter of "Hey -- We're great! Let's make a monument to show how great we are!" but more along the lines of "Umm...what are we supposed to do with this giant baking sheet now?" Someone suggests a fort (too much work), someone suggests a playground (too flimsy) and finally they settle on melting it down and leaving it there with a sign that says its a monument.