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Harry Potter Cookie Cutters You Probably Already Own

I know this is going to sound really foreign to all of you parents out there, but I have a child who absolutely LOVES movies. We're talking obsession type love here. The kind where it's not actually possible for him to look away from a movie that is playing in another room. I can cup my hands around his face and pull him to me, and almost against his will, his eyes turn sideways straining to catch a glimpse of the pre-school pink and fluffy cartoon that is currently helping his sisters learn to count past the number three. He can't help it. He knows he doesn't want to watch it, but he just can't look away. If he had to choose between me and movies for the rest of his life, he might soon find himself without someone to remind him to shower on a daily basis.

So we bargain with him and his little movie loving brain. We buy movies that were made from books. And if he reads the books, he can watch the movies. At night. WITH POPCORN. It all started with the Harry Potter series. It's no surprise that they are now his favorite movies. And his favorite cookies. And he even has his own hand-crafted spell book. (But SSSSHHHHH. That one is supposed to be a secret.)

Do you want to guess which cookie is MY favorite? 

I'll give you a hint. It's this one. There is something particularly hilarious about that smushed up little face.

Before I decided to post these cookies, I researched copyright laws and fan art for pretty much forever and discovered that J.K. Rowling is pretty understanding when it comes to the love that everyone has for her endearing characters and actually loves to see fan art. BUT, that being said, selling that fan art is still illegal. So, I've decided to *not* make a tutorial for any of these cookies, but if you wanted to make some of your own because you have an obsessed little someone at your house... I can help you out with some cutters to use. 

And just because I love to play this game... can you guess which cutters they are before I tell you? 

No? Yes? Enough with the drama?

Fine. Here they are.

Now tell me... what are some other great book/movie combinations we should get him into? He just read the first Percy Jackson book and has reverted back to his old standby book...which is actually a Lego instruction manual. So... needless to say... I need some more good ideas!!