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Nebraska Huskers Cookies and a Miracle Cure

UPDATE -- The winner of the Box of Goodness is -- 

BRANDI G. who said -- "I had a really bad week were all my cookies were bleeding AFTER I bagged and sealed them up.  So they would go in the bag looking beautiful, and when I checked on them the next day SpongeBob looked like he had running mascara, etc...  I have found that with transfers onto white, you can't use a really strong cooler.  I did some blue and silver Air Force symbol transfers for a white cookie, and they bleed after I placed them on the cookie :( "

Check your email for my message Brandi!!

Apparently, there is this real-live world-wide epidemic of "If-Anything-Can-Go-Wrong-It-Will." You can try hiding if you want to...but its not going to work. It will find you under all those blankets in the back of your closet and it will take your ice cream. And it will sit by your side, waiting patiently until you come out and start working on that fantastic project you have been dreaming about since you were 12 and started having real thoughts that weren't about candy and getting your mom to finish your homework for you...

Let's take for example....THESE cookies. These cookies even made my son cry. (I am not kidding.) (I wish I were.)

Round 1-- I made royal icing transfers for these cookies. I wanted to use my dehydrator instead of leaving them to dry on a baking sheet. So I piped the logo onto wax paper that I had taped onto little pieces of cardboard. And the cardboard curled up on the edges in the dehydrator, and consequently the transfers as well. So I threw those away and had to start over.

Round 2-- I made the outline too thin which made the transfers brittle and completely unstable and they shattered into a jillion pieces when I tried to take them off the wax paper. My trash bin is now the proud owner of a jillion pieces of proud Huskers royal icing in addition to the curled up logos.

Round 3-- I accidentally bumped the dehydrator when I was putting the top on... and changed the temperature from 90F to 135F. The wax paper melted into the transfers. Again with the trash.

Round 4-- I FINALLY got the transfers safely into the dehydrator, safely out of the dehydrator, and safely off the wax paper. I was taking no chances. I put them very gently on to a baking sheet and set it on top of my microwave so they would be out of range of my children's hands, breathing, or you know, some freak wind that blows through my kitchen window and shatters glass all over my otherwise healthy and sanitary royal icing transfers. My microwave just happens to be next to my refrigerator  and someone (me) shut the fridge door a few minutes later and...I KID YOU NOT -- a PENCIL rolled off the top of the fridge and on to...the top of my transfers breaking half of them. A pencil. You guys thought I was kidding about the pencil mutiny... This is the point at which my child started crying. And through his tears, I heard him say-- "I'm just so sad because you love your cookies!!" So you know, I definitely couldn't freak out. Or throw them away again. Or scrap the project entirely.

Round 5-- For the good of the children, I soldiered on and finished the cookies. I used the broken transfers and added sanding sugar to the top to cover the cracks. Which was a great idea because as soon as I placed the red transfers on the white icing they started developing the dreaded blotch! And I was mighty pleased with how everything was finally turning out....until the next morning when I looked at the cookies and realized the little "N" on the scalloped cookies had bled all over creation and the cookies looked like they had contracted their own little real-live world-wide epidemic. So I gave in and took pictures.

The way I see it, if you or someone you know are experiencing this epidemic -- there are two solutions. And you should do both of them.

Solution 1 -- Link up a project you have accomplished that makes you feel happy. It can be cookies or cards or a painted wall or a complete makeover of a piece of furniture that you dug up in your backyard and now its your entertainment center.


Solution 2 -- Leave me a comment telling me about your worst case of "If-Anything-Could-Go-Wrong-It-Did." or tell me about something you love -- by the end of August and I will have my good friend Rand M. Generator pick someone to win a giant box of "I hope you feel better." And it will include cookies. Lots of cookies. And candy. And cookie cutters. And it will not include dried shrimp or octopus or an "I told you so." Because those are the worst. Especially when they did.