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Little Baby Mermaid Cookies

Happy New Year! 

No, seriously -- Happy New Year! It's the Lunar New Year. Which is kind of a BIG DEAL here in Korea. You know, the country in which I live. Koreans really know how to celebrate a holiday. It's not just one day and an "Eve" beforehand. We're talking 3 whole days of full-blown gridlock traffic, rice cake soup eating, dinner partying, year older getting, and free carnival rides for everyone. Except, not the carnival rides part. Also... its kind of a tradition for older members of a family to give money to the younger people in exchange for well wishes in the upcoming year.

So, with that in mind, I would just like to make sure you know that I consider you all family. But not the kind of family where I have to help you move and clean all your bathrooms and stuff. Just the kind of family where we play board games and eat snacks late at night. Oooh, and go on fun vacations in the summer time. And maybe my kids can play with your kids in the backyard while we lean against the fence and talk about how weird it is that the guy across the street orders pizza every Thursday, but we never see him throw away the boxes. Or - wait - that one might be neighbors. I'm cool with that too. I consider you all neighbors. But again, not the bathroom cleaning kind.

Since I am a foreigner in this country, and I have absolutely no extended family to celebrate with, and I maybe wouldn't go anywhere anyway because I just HATE traffic...I have decided that the best way to celebrate would be to recreate a popular children's movie in sugar form.

Actually, Anne from the Flour Box Bakery had this great idea to do a cooperative group project thing where a bunch of really cool people made some cookies with a fairy tale baby shower theme. She made a big list of fairy tale type stories and pulled them each out of a hat to match them up with a decorator. She never did tell me what kind of hat it was.

And Yadira from One Sweet Party designed tags and toppers for the cookies. Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "Self, I should probably get some orange juice before I go any further on this post. Orange juice is healthy and super tasty. And its one of the main ingredients in an Orange Julius. I like Orange Juliuses. Gosh, how do you pluralize Orange Julius? Orange Juli? Juliuses? Juliuseseses? Oh yeah, reading a blog. Did Georganne actually contribute anything at all to this post?" And to that I would say -- I think its juliuses. Oh, and PS -- I made the cookies.

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