solar system

It has come to my attention that some of you think that I am hating on myself. It's not true. I completely adore myself. In a non-creepy way. (Because there is nothing worse than creeping yourself out.) And just to prove it to you, I'm going to tell you one way that I am totally amazing today.

 I made a cookie replica of the solar system with royal icing and a toothpick.

Okay, so my choice may have been made out of laziness as I was contemplating all the bowls I would have to use to color the icing and the bags and tips and couplers and...and, well, let's just stick with the positive here. The solar system. Royal icing. Toothpick. Done. I am amazing.

You know what's NOT amazing? My round cutters getting bent into odd non-round shapes even with very careful and gentle use. Imagine the seasons we would have if Earth really was this shape!

Although fairly accurate, I must stress that this solar system is not to scale. As much as I'm sure you would like to use these cookies to teach yourself or your loved ones more about the universe we live in, I'm afraid you will have to go to more reliable sources. You know, like Weekly World News. I hear that Bat Boy may have discovered a new planet...

cookie cutter sandwich

Let's wrap things up with this whole "huge giant birthday party that makes my child happy for days and days." I told you about the cookies. I told you about the cake. I have just one more thing to tell you about. Maybe two. But no more than that. I promise. Probably.

I made one more, vaguely cookie/cake related thing for his party. And by "vaguely related" I mean, not at all.  Really, its just an alternative use for cookie cutters.

Is this not the most delicious looking peanut butter and jam sandwich you have ever seen? It probably would be if you were nearly 4 years old. Or apparently the mother of someone who is nearly 4 years old.

I think this is why my child puts up with this cookie/cake thing I do. Because he gets sandwiches in whatever shape he likes. I have to say, its not a bad compromise for either of us.

Oh...and I also made blue ice cubes in my seashell molds. That is all.

octopus vs. dolphins

Sometimes its okay that things don't turn out like you had planned. Especially when you make bad plans. Like when you think its okay to drive across the United States without stopping for sleep. (Hypothetically.) (Sort of.) This cake is one of those times.

I had originally planned to have a giant octopus coming out of the top of the cake. Because what's cooler than a giant octopus? And I really needed this cake to be cool. Its for my OWN child. And since I stopped letting him eat cookies for breakfast, I'm falling fast on the "favorite parent" chart. How could my husband be winning? He's the one that makes him brush his teeth every night.

I spent hours making the octopus parts. I spent hours thinking about all the angles of support so the legs would stay in and not tear through the cake. I spent hours playing with my children just so I could avoid working on the octopus. And I worried. My stomach is still sick inside from the anxiety. Late last night, long after midnight...I realized I couldn't risk it. What if something bad happened? What if the cake imploded when I tried to put the octopus on the top layer? What if that implosion set off a cataclysmic chain of events that led to the eventual disappearance of Asia? Then he wouldn't have a lame cake....he would have NO CAKE. And everything would be ruined. And my husband would be the favorite parent indefinitely. Nope, couldn't risk it.

So, instead of a very cool giant octopus, he got dolphins. Yeah, I know, not really a fair trade. But at least there was no implosion. Not that I would give him the option to choose between the dolphins or an implosion, because I think we all know what every male on the planet would choose.

The very first thing he said when he saw the cake was, "Hmm, it looks like you didn't make the octopus." And the next thing he said was, "Oh -- you made a sand castle!" (See? I told you he notices the details.) But his favorite part is the "sleepy turtle." I wish I were a sleeping turtle.

PS: I just had to add -- He has very odd birthday cake requests. A few weeks ago he was set on a dinosaur party and wanted a 3D dinosaur cake holding a pencil. I'm not kidding. Luckily, he changed his mind and decided on a fish cake, but there had to be a "fish thinking about Wesley." Just now from the other room, I heard him giggling and saying, "I always WANTED a cake with a fish thinking about Wesley." Ahhh, sigh.... I think the lack of octopus crisis has been averted.

Under the Sea (not a prom theme)

Oh my goodness, I have been busy this week. I always seem to be busy and then have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. And for some continues to surprise me. I never catch on. But today is different. Because TODAY I have something to show for it.

There is going to be a birthday celebration in my house this week! (A real one. Not the kind where I turn 30 and buy myself a brownie at a bake sale.) I'm so excited because my little boy loves all the details. Its SO worth it. He's excited for streamers on the wall and to pick out his favorite color of balloons and he's excited to "design" his very own cake.

And, its kind of sad, but he's really excited for these cookies. I make lots of cookies, but he rarely gets them. I mean, that's a good thing as well. I know that you all secretly think I feed my children cookies for breakfast and lunch and... but it's NOT TRUE. (Most of the time.) Your missing the point. I'm excited because I get to make fun cookies for someone who will be truly excited to get them and give them to all of his friends. And just because I love him... I might even be making some special cookies just for my little guy to keep and eat all by himself.

taking it over the edge

This is the last of the coral and green cookies. I promise. Probably forever. I started these cookies before I made the other two. It was something I really wanted to try. And I'm sure that people the world over have been doing this since the dawn of cookie time, but I haven't, okay?

I thought it would be cool  if some of the design extended past the cookie. (Cool? Does this word date me? Whatever, I don't care. I'm no longer in my twenties. My old-school vocabulary is now part of my charm. Right guys? Come on, where are you all going?)

I made royal icing transfers of the flower/oddly-shaped-star-thing and let it dry for a couple of days. I iced some chocolate cookies white and dropped my little transfer on top. I could have done the same thing with fondant and a lot less drying time, but I didn't. Because fondant and I are in a fight right now since the last cake. And we need some time to cool off before we get back together again for my little boy's birthday cake this weekend.

a pinch of planning

I tried something new with these cookies.  I planned them.  Okay, so most cookies I at least think about before I start making them. Sometimes I don't though. Sometimes I just start putting icing or fondant on a cookie and see where it goes. (Have I mentioned that I'm a "rusher?") Anyway, with these cookies, I scratched little lines on the cookies with a toothpick before I even picked up my royal icing. (Can you do that with regular sugar cookies, or is this unique to chocolate sugar cookies? If you do this on vanilla sugar cookies, let me know, I'm super interested. As opposed to, you know, regular type interested.)

Anyway, back to my story about me and my cookies. I drew the pattern on the cookie with a toothpick and then filled it in. And surprisingly, they turned out rather uniform. (And by that I mean it wasn't surprising. At all. If you could hear me say it, then you would know how funny I am. Or at least you would know when I'm being sarcastic. Maybe not though, because sometimes my husband doesn't know, and he thinks I'm just being mean. Although to be fair, sometimes I am mean. And even when I am, he's usually pretty nice about it. Which makes me feel worse in the end about pretending to be sarcastic when I was really being mean. But I wasn't being mean just now, I was trying to illustrate my point that I should have been trying this whole "planning your cookies out" thing a long time ago. Which has nothing to do with being mean.)

I also tried outlining one of my cookies with a food marker. I kind of like it! It reminds me of cartoons in the Sunday paper. Oh, and did anyone notice that I added white to the color palette from yesterday? Its amazing how much of a difference a little white and/or a little black can make in a cookie.

another day

Hello. I'm back. Hi everyone. I just needed to make myself a new cookie cutter to feel better. My husband sure is lucky, huh? No quick trip for large diamonds. (Although smaller jeans might do the trick some days...) I don't eat 1/2 gallon of ice cream in one sitting. (Although, I can, and have and I will tell you that did NOT feel good.)

I love the feeling of making myself a brand new cutter. It's shiny and, well, new and it holds endless possibilities. And usually I cut myself in the process so I get to remember my accomplishment for days. (Don't let that part scare you away from making your own cutters. I'm a "rusher." I rush everything. Sure, I should take it slow and calm and gently cut and file and shape, but hello! I'm in a bad mood, I want to feel better NOW! I didn't have time for patience.)

I really wanted a 5 petal flower cutter. And I really wanted the petals to be kind of pointed. And then after I had finished my cutter, I looked at it and realized I could have gotten the same cutter by gently re-bending a star cutter. A star cutter of which I already had an extra. But it wouldn't have been the same. I needed the love of a new cutter to make me feel better. Recycled love? Who wants that?

I deliberately chose these two colors. Somewhere in my head I thought it would be a good idea. Looking at these cookies, I'm a little confused as to WHY I thought that. And why I didn't catch the weirdness while mixing the two colors in bowls right next to each other.  And for the record, its not pink. Its CORAL. (Which may or may not be a shade of pink. But just for today, let's call it coral. Because we're all imaginary friends here, right?) My point here is that I feel better. And I'll see you all tomorrow.

Oh, and if you want to see how I made my cutter, CLICK HERE. 

marathon day

This was a marathon day. And by that I mean, I would rather run a marathon in 3 degree weather than do this day again. I feel like I've been having one sugar creation failure after another this week. Today was quite literally the icing on the cake.

I couldn't get the icing OR the fondant right at all. Let me be clear. I covered it in fondant. And recovered it in fondant. And then I scraped everything off and started again. And then I cried. Real, honest to goodness tears. No, actually, I didn't. But I wanted to. I thought about it. It would have made me feel better. But it wouldn't fix the cake, so I soldiered on.

I think I might just give up on sugar things for now. I'm not going to keep posting things that make me cringe when I think about them at night before I fall asleep. I have decided to quit college and hitch-hike around the country to find myself. Again, I'm lying. (What is wrong with me today? Why would I lie to all my imaginary friends on the internet? ) Actually, I'm only kidding about the  last part. I'm really not going to post anything until I make something that I don't feel like I have to apologize for it. Either that or until I run a marathon. Whichever comes first.

avert your eyes

Warning -- If you have a weak stomach, avert your eyes. Do NOT read today's post. At all. Not even a little bit.

I had a great idea for today. But my great idea turned out like this:

Before you say anything...I KNOW this is not "my style." It's my mom's. When I was growing up, my mom would make sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. And they were HUGE. And they were covered in butter cream frosting. In a very good way. Not like like this cookie at all. In fact, imagine the opposite of this cookie, and that is probably closer to the kind of cookie my mom made on Valentine's Day.  And since I want to be a good mom too, I thought that I would make butter cream frosting cookies for MY little boy on Valentine's Day.

I'm not exactly one of those "lesson learned" kind of people. You will never catch me saying, "Well, I learned my lesson on that one. I am never going to do this silly thing that I just tried and it didn't work and now I feel foolish again." Because I know better. I am totally going to do it again. And feel foolish.  Again.  You know, like piping.

Enter exhibit A. (And Wesley is totally a code name. A code name that he likes so much that he wants me to write it on his Valentine's cookie. I'm probably lying. But maybe I just told you that so you would think -without any degree of certainty- that I may or may not be telling the truth.) And I feel compelled to tell you that all those weird spots in the pink frosting are bits of strawberries. Because for some reason, I thought my 3 year old would appreciate REAL strawberry flavor on his Valentine cookie.

I actually scrapped this project. TWICE. And then came back to it. TWICE. Because, he's THREE. He doesn't understand why he can't have cookies because his self-conscious mother is worried about what her imaginary friends on the internet might think.

So I put them on a stick and threw in some brightly colored paper and sprinkled it with magic love dust and...okay, forget about the magic love dust. But, you can imagine how much better these would look if I HAD sprinkled them with magic love dust. Right guys? Guys?

And then because I still have a desire for him to think I'm great --  I stuck even more cookies in the bucket after taking the picture. And he was happy. And he told me that I was the best mother in the world for spending hours in the kitchen and overcoming my own insecurities just so that I could give my love to him in sugar form on Valentine's Day.

Actually, no, no he didn't. He didn't say anything at all in fact. 

He couldn't. His mouth was full of cookie.

quality control

Since I started making sketches before I do a new cookie or cake design, I have had the help of a very short and adorable task master. My 3 year old LOVES to hold the sketch. Even when I ask him not to. He likes to see the picture come to life in sugar form. But even more, he likes to tell me what to do next and he likes to tell me where to put things.

I made a cake this morning to match an invitation. It wasn't an exact replica. And I was properly chastised for it. But in a loving way that only a 3 year old can manage. The kind where you just want to hug them and giggle inside when they are done. (You have to giggle INSIDE because you wouldn't ever want to make them sad.)

After a little bit of negotiating on the location of the stars, I believe we have a finished product that he approves of. And let me just say, that since he's not allowed to actually touch the cake, or even get too close to it, the negotiating gets a little frustrating sometimes. "No, looks like you should move it closer to the thing...No, not that thing. The other thing......Umm, can I have a taste?.....But I want a taste....Wait!! That star is too close. You better change it." ...Uhh, I might not be making sketches in the future.

"Thank You" things

Were you wondering what I was going to do with my other new cookie cutter? You know, the oddly shaped one. The squarish one that looks like it has a bracket on each side. (The top note cut for all you paper crafters.) No? You weren't wondering? You don't care? Maybe you could just pretend. Just this once.

I don't think people say "thank you" enough in this world. I know I don't. A few days ago, I had a repairman come to my house and fix my oven. Yes, he was paid for his time. And yes, it was his job. But still -- I was REALLY happy to have it fixed. And I wanted to let him know.

He was packing his tools, and I was thinking, "What can I do to say thank you? Should I give him a cookie? Will he think I'm creepy because I'm giving a complete stranger food? Will he be offended? (Offended?! At a cookie? WHAT is wrong with me?) Should I walk him to the door? Should I just ignore him, so he doesn't think I'm hovering?" In the end, I rushed out a "Thank-you-so-much-for-fixing-my-oven-I'm-really-glad-to-be-able-to-use-it-again!" He smiled vaguely at me as he walked out the door. I'm not even sure that he understood what I had said.

I felt so stupid after he left. I mean, how hard is it to say "Thank You?" And I'm not even a shy person. (In my defense, he DID speak a different language that I am finding increasingly more difficult to learn. But there is no harm in trying, right?) Anyway...I'm determined to be better at saying "Thank You" often and to everyone. know....thanks for reading my blog and all.

Wanted- piping skills. Inquire within.

I can't pipe. It's official. I was waiting for my order from Karen's Cookies to get here before I made the final judgment. I had ordered a SUPAtube from PME. (Hello -- It's called "SUPA." It's GOT to be great.) I tried the size 00 and the line seemed too small for this cookie. And then I tried the size 0, and I couldn't get anything to come out. Not anything. I even tried squeezing my icing through a brand new nylon before putting it in the piping bag. (And made a completely unrelated giant mess all over my counter. Okay, maybe not unrelated.) No success. I'm a failure at piping.

 But I've had this design bouncing around in my brain ever since the first day I met my friend called "Supatube Possibility." Oh sure, lots of people told me that the PME tips don't make people amazing at piping. But they couldn't possibly have meant ME. Surely, it would be magical for ME.
After wallowing in self pity while cleaning up a pretty big mess and dumping my icing dreams down the drain, I decided to just put the 00 back on, and make that work somehow. And then I realized that I had lost it. On the day I got it. A $5 SUPAtube. Don't tell my husband.

There was only one thing left to do. I resorted to fondant. Sigh. Maybe I just need to spend more quality time with my piping bag. Maybe we should take a cruise through the Mediterranean and get to know each other. (Don't tell my husband.)

buttons and giggling

I thought about being productive today. I even made a list. It was full of high hopes. I added all the projects I've wanted to accomplish for the last 2 months. I put some things in all capital letters so I would remember that I REALLY wanted to get them done today. I was going to be busy. I was going to get it done. For real. I meant it this time. Except that, well, I didn't exactly finish the list. I got tired. Its hard to be productive sometimes.

Its a good thing my 3 year old was around today. Buttons don't sort themselves, you know. Maybe I'll have to make him a special treat for being such a sweet little boy and helping me out. And then we'll eat it together and probably giggle because he'll get chocolate all over his face. (Of course there will be chocolate. What kind of treat doesn't have chocolate?!) And then we'll have to read a stack of books to help him calm down after all that, umm, giggling. And maybe he will take a nap as he comes down off his sugar high.  And then maybe I can get back to that list. Maybe.

UPDATE:  He is currently taking a nap, and I am not working on my list. 

Some say heart, some say flower.

I kind of make a lot of cookies. Not a lot of cookies on a scale of say, 1 to a jillion, but a lot of cookies for someone who doesn't have any reason to be making cookies in the first place. I have a lot of cookies sitting around my house. And I'm always trying to find people to unload them on.

Except, sometimes I deliberately make cookies for someone in particular. You know, on purpose. Remember that, because if I ever give YOU a cookie, you can be sure that it was made JUST for YOU with hours and hours of thought put into the design, the baking, the decoration, and lovingly wrapped with love and...ummm...more love.

Like these cookies. These cookies have got it all -- thought, design, baking...Okay, so they weren't wrapped. And maybe I didn't spend hours and hours on them. Or even one single hour. WOW! Where is all this picky judgementalism coming from? Lay off my chocolate flower cookie making ego. What? Its not you...its me? Okay. Fine. Let's call it a week-before-Valentine's-Day-overemotional-sleep-deprived-draw.

I took a deep breath. I'm fine now.

These cookies really are the perfect last minute decorating choice. Its a 3 step process.

1. Roll some fondant out rather thin and cut out your desired fondant shape. Any shape really. You could choose a season appropriate shape if you want. It should probably at least be a shape that you don't hate. (Does anyone actually HATE a shape?) Cut out a bunch of these guys. Ooh, I forgot to mention that you need to check the size of this shape against the size of your cookie cutter. Better make sure its not so big that it hangs over the edges...and not so small that it looks stupid unpretty weird. Unless you are going for a tiny shape in the middle. And then, that's totally cool.

2. Flood your cookie. (I use royal icing.) I would bring the edge in just a smidgeon. The weight of your fondant shape is going to push the icing out a little. At least it will try. If you ice your cookies with a stiff border and then fill, you probably won't have that problem. I don't know, because I am impatient.

3. Gently place your fondant cut-out on top of the freshly iced cookie. I'm going to be honest with you here and let you know that this part scares me. Seriously, my hands shake and everything. You are holding the fondant over its icing doom and then --- you just let go. There is no easing it on to the cookie gently one side at a time because then you get icing all over one side. You just have to hover and then drop. Uhh...good luck with that.

I flood 4-5 cookies at a time and then drop the fondant shapes and go for another round. It really is quite quick. And kind of fun. It almost makes you sad when you see your little pile of fondant hearts (or other non-hated shape) growing smaller and smaller.

And then you let your icing dry. And give them to people that are important to you. Or eat them all.

successful completion of a year

So, last weekend was my birthday. And I'm sure you are all holding your breath for the details of the cake. What did it look like? Did I have to make it myself?... Guess what?

There was NO cake. 

No beautiful 5 tier creation. No lopsided cake made lovingly by my husband, not even a 2 dimensional crayon drawing of a cake from my 3 year old. Nothing. But I'm not bitter. I'm not going to hold it deep inside and let it smolder for years and years until it comes out one day on a random afternoon in July. Instead, I did what I felt I had to do....and I bought a brownie off some young girls at a bake sale. And then I ate it. Right there. And they watched me. And...that part was kind of weird. I felt like shouting at them, " Its okay that I'm eating this brownie right here and now because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY." But I didn't. Because, I think that maybe, that would have frightened them. And then I came home and made cookies.

And then I just looked at them and practiced saying, "Well, back when I was in my twenties..."

that whole giveaway "thing"

Remember this? 

Are you wondering if you get to wait anxiously by the mailbox for the next 2-3 weeks to see it appear in your lovely hands?

I don't really know how people do this when hundreds of people comment. Because MY comments aren't numbered. And I can't imagine counting through 249 comments. I was so glad it was only 8. So easy to count to. The winner is --


~~ who says "I absolutely, positively adore every single one of your cookies and cakes and sweet little things and you are without a doubt my most favorite person in the world and I can't get through my day without reading more."  Ha ha ha. Just kidding! But you would have to read back through the comments to prove it.

Andrea -- send me your address. And even though I didn't get 50 followers...I'm still going to send you the silver liners as well.

How do I ... make grosgrain ribbon?

I'm learning a lot about myself just by making cookies. Some people quit college and hitch hike across America or join the Peace Corps to "find themselves." I make cookies. (It's not that I don't like adventure. I just don't go white water rafting to discover who I really am. I do it because I LIKE it.)

Anyway...cookies...learning about myself. I have discovered that I am a texture loving person. I like love grosgrain ribbon. Grosgrain has the best ribbon texture ever. (For the record, smooth is also a texture and sometimes I like that too.) What I don't like about grosgrain ribbon is the name. GROSSgrain ribbon? Eewww. Unless of course it's french, and then I totally know what it means. And if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you.

You should get some grosgrain ribbon for your own cookies, or cakes, or cupcakes, or you know, you could just make some to look at and admire and take with you when you go shopping and your friends are all "busy." It's ridiculously easy to make. First, get some fondant. Lightly grease your counter and roll the fondant out in a long line. I usually make a "snake" first and flatten it with my rolling pin. Then, using a ruler and a knife or pizza cutter thing, cut out a thin strip.

This is where it gets really technical. Stay with me friends. I'll explain it as well as I can. You take a knife and press it into the fondant over and over again in parallel lines. Done. Easy peasy.

But what if you don't HAVE fondant you are saying? What if you only use royal icing or glaze? What if you are a better person than me and never got hooked on fondant in the first place? (Its okay, I can admit it. I'm addicted to using fondant.)  Well, I'm not what you would call  "an expert" or even "good" with either of those...buuuuttt.... Here is what I would do--

Make your icing real thick. Thick like a paste. It shouldn't flow together at all. You want to be able to pipe these tiny lines right next to each other without them turning all smooth like your icing usually does. Defy it.  (Yes, I know my cookie is all full of cracks. Don't judge me... You know what? Actually, go ahead and judge. I'll give you this one.)

And here is a picture of the 3 dimensional bow I made with glaze. Oops. Forgot to take off the lens cap. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I kid. I can't figure out how to make a 3 dimensional anything with royal icing or glaze. That's what I have fondant for. You know, my best friend fondant. Always there for me.

In the words of some Hot dog Guy talking to a Popcorn Guy at the beginning of a movie where they tell you to turn off your cellphones..."Variety is the spice of life."  Get yourself some fondant and don't look back.

What IS this?

So, I gave someone a cookie last week and they said,

"What IS this?" 

I'm going to be honest. That was not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Not that I have a scripted reaction I do hope for. I mean, if I ever give you a cookie you can just say what you want. Or not say anything at all. That's totally fine.  I just give people cookies because I want to. No expectations, no strings attached. Just my love - in sugar form - to them. Still, I was a little confused. I started to make up a whole list of excuses in my head -- Well, see, these ninjas came and they made me make bad looking cookies.... In the end I just said, "Umm, it's a cookie." Which turned out to be the RIGHT answer because he actually thought it was a wall hanging. (THIS ONE in case you are wondering.) We can learn a lot from this. 1 -- Don't let ninjas into your house while you are making cookies. Just say no.

And 2 -- If your cookies don't taste very good, you can still use them as home decorations.

two please

I it turns out... old fashioned. But not the cool kind. Not vintage. Not retro. I never wanted to be. In fact, I spent all of my growing up years desperately trying to NOT learn how to cook or sew or can vegetables of any kind. But...I want a garden with a compost pile and everything. And I want to store my food for winter. I love buttons and old lace. I like the idea of having a parlor for visitors. I can, and have, made my own cheese. (Not recommended by the way, unless you are really good at it. Which I am not.) I own an honest-to-goodness cast iron dutch oven for crying out loud! (Two actually.) And I think that Valentines should be hand made. By hand. You know, with your hands.

I'm not talking about the cards that children pass out to their friends at school. I mean for your REAL Valentine. Think about have a special friend....and you decided to book that romantic cruise for two through the Mediterranean...its a quiet evening....just the two of you...sunset in the lean over and hand them a little card with Smokey Bear saying, "Only YOU can be my Valentine"...the sunset falls over and the boat crashes and everyone leaves crying. NOT a happy ending. Moral -- try making a Valentine this year. With lace. Paper doilies are fine too. Ooh, or even a love letter. That's WAY better than Smokey Bear. Although, he does serve his own purpose. I do not mean to belittle his service to the forests of our great nation. In fact, maybe someone should send HIM a Valentine. Made by hand.

it starts with a "g" and ends in "iveaway"

This was a tricky picture. I meant to take a picture of cookies. But all I could think about were my new silicone baking hearts. I LOVE them. My poor cookies. They feel so alone and unwanted. Hmm, I guess they really ARE the perfect Valentine's Day cookie. You know, for all those people that hate Valentine's Day because they don't have a special friend of their own.

Even after the picture was taken, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love my little hearts and about how everyone is going to want them when they see this picture. And then I realized that I had no option but to go right back to the store and get one for you. But not for all of you, because that's kind of a lot. So I rushed over to the store and guess what? THEY WERE GONE. Not just gone with an empty spot so you can hope they might get some more in tomorrow, but gone with something else taking the spot on the shelf and it might have all been a dream if you hadn't purchased some in the first place kind of gone.

But what's done is done. And I had already decided to give something away to someone who reads my blog. I can't just UNdecide that. So I got these instead. I know, not nearly as cute, but there are some hearts involved here and some strawberries and some random non-Valentine's Day party hats. (I thought about opening the bags, removing the party hats, and then sealing them up again, but that's kind of weird, and I don't want you to think that I'm weird.) And I will keep my eye out for the silicone hearts and when I find them in the deep dark recess of the market again, I will buy 3 packages. Take that world!

So, if you can look past the lack of silicone baking hearts in this giveaway, and would still be willing to take these off my hands (you know, to make me feel better for ruining my first blog giveaway...) then leave me a comment below. Here's the deal --

** 1 entry just for leaving a comment. Even if its not real words. Symbols are fine.
** 1 entry for being a fan on Facebook. Even if you don't mean it. But, preferably if you do.
** 1 entry for following me on the sidebar or signing up for an RSS feed.

Leave individual comments for each one. So, you know, leave up to 3 comments. (See what I'm doing here....3 chances to enter means that there will be 3 times as many comments to make me feel better about myself as a person.) The deadline to enter is February 5, 2011 at midnight Pacific Time. Because that's my birthday. And I'd like you all to celebrate it by once again, making me happy by commenting.

Oh, and just because I can, I was thinking that if either my blog or facebook page gets 50 followers/fans/what have you, I will double the giveaway. And by that I mean I will add these shiny little treasures to the loot pile and pick TWO people to EACH get a pile. No sharing. Two identical piles of cupcake liner shaped loot.

Stop reading and just enter. Please. (I really meant to write that in the nicest way possible.) (Promise.) (Is there a "nice" font?) (Someone tell me how to end this.) (I'm stuck in a parenthetical world.) (Which is NOT the same as a hypothetical world.) (Ummmm......hi.) (I mean...goodbye.) (For now.) (For real.)