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Sesame Street in cookies

So, the last cookies I made were all one color. White. And it was wonderful. And then I made these cookies and I had to mix more colors than I have ever mixed at one time in my entire life. (Although to be fair...I totally made my husband mix some of them. And he was really nice about it because he loves me and our child.) I didn't want to do it. But I had to. Because my son asked me to. And what is the point of having a mother who makes fun cookies if she won't come through when you REALLY NEED her to?

See, Sesame Street is coming HERE, to our tiny little town in South Korea. We live in a town so small that most people in Korea have never heard of it. But Sesame Street has heard of it. And they will be here TONIGHT. And my little boy desperately needs cookies to take to...Cookie Monster and Elmo.

He wants to give cookies to Cookie Monster for obvious reasons, but also to Elmo because he just loves that guy. Me? I'm partial to the Cookie Monster. Especially when he's squishing a rolling pin. These guys are actually all from a cookie cutter set I bought in 1942. Ha ha. Just kidding. But it IS a super old set. So old that Elmo didn't even really, umm -- close the ears of all nearby children -- exist.    **Gasp**   -- I KNOW, what kind of world was that?  So, I used the Ernie cutter and smooshed some and cut some and managed to get this guy. THANK GOODNESS, since he's pretty much the star of my little boy's show.

Although, after staring at these cookies for awhile, he's kind of getting more interested in "the guy in the box." (That would be Oscar.) And as far as copyright infringement goes...I guess I'm kind of hoping that Sesame Street doesn't sue me for giving them cookies.